3mm x 17′ (5.18m) Pre-Cut & Looped Galvanised Baling Wire

(Product Code: 101113)

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  • 17' / 5.18 metre length waste baling wire
  • 3mm galvanised wire cut and looped
  • break strain: 22-28 tonnes tensile
  • manufactured to BS 1052
  • approx 98 per bundle
  • suitable for vertical and horizontal mill size balers

Galvanised Baling Wire Benefits:-

All of Bag and Bale Ltd Pre Cut & Looped Baling Wires are manufactured using high quality steel, that is then galvanised (hot dipped)

The main benefits:-

Total Protection: With hot dip galvanising, every millimetre of the steel it touches is galvanised, which means the hot dip galvanising process reaches areas inaccessible to other similar processes for preventing rusting and corrosion.

Greater Longevity: If you are storing the baled material for a lengthy period, the galvanised wire will be protected and therefore less vulnerable to rust and subsequent breakages.

Cleaner than Black Annealed Wire = Easier to handle for the operator

Visibility: As the wire is silver, it can be seen visually on most baled products

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Break Strain

22-28 tonnes

Compatible Manufacturers Machines

BRG, Bergmann, Bramidan, Compact and Bale, CK International, Dicom, Dicom Paal, Dixi, Greenbank, Gradeall, HSM, Kenburn, Keljay, KK Balers, Landfill Alternatives, LSM, MacFab, Mardon, MHM, Miltek, Orwak, Pakawaste, PHS Wastekit, QCR, Riverside Waste Machinery, Strautmann, Unibaler