Quick-Link Bale Ties

(Product Code: 101118)

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Quick link bale ties are substitute for pre-cut and looped wire for use with bales containing a very high kinetic energy level (Spring back) i.e. Textiles/Tyres/Plastic Drums/Foam/Plastic films.

The wire is made from high tensile wire and is therefore very strong and reliable.

It is made to order in various (fixed) lengths to accommodate uniform bale sizes, especially for clients who export their materials.

This product can be supplied in any length or diameter needed. It is packaged in straight length form in small bundles of 50-100 wires with master bundles of 1000-2000 wires. We have no minimum order requirements and we carry a large amount of stock in varying sizes. This ensures a quick and efficient turn around on deliveries.

Our quick link bale ties are manufactured in either Black Annealed or Galvanised finish.

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