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Designed to fit OMS, Orgapack, Signode & Samuel strapping heads on "Twin Ram" machines, to include CK Autotie, Harris, Ken Mills, Lyndex Balers

Ideal for RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) baling applications, using Thermo-electrical heat seals. Ecostrap has been 100% reliable in use, with only changes needed to the welding timer on certain machine types.

As this material is used predominantly with Twin Ram Balers, each reel will typically produce 75-100 bales (dependant on the distance between ties). Due to the length of Ecostrap being supplied @ 1500m (not 1200m as standard from others) the benefits will equate to:

More Bales per reel, Reduced exchanges of reels = reduction in labour and a reduced delivery costs.

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