SRF-RDF Plastic Wire (13,000m)

(Product Code: 101129)

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Supplied in 13000 Metre reels, weighing only 230kg, which is equivalent to approximately 750kg of steel wire. Therefore when fitted to the RDF/SRF Baler with the proprietary feed frames (which are available to order) the handling and labour savings taken to exchange Reels is significantly reduced, which is a benefit to the operatives.

Each Reel will typically produce 2800 bales (based on bale sizes of 1.2m x 1m x 1m) and will save significant amounts of time for the operatives. The Plastic Wire has a breaking strain equivalent to low tensile steel wire and is stable/robust in use.

The use of Plastic Wire negates the penalties now being levied by the majority of EU incinerators to retrieve steel wire from their furnace, thus far producing cost savings.

Clients using Plastic Wire will open further locations/opportunities to process their material.

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